Capture and share your group trips easily

Capture and share your group trip memories

Easy capturing. Collaborative yet private. Quick sharing. Fun guaranteed !

Traveling is fun with friends & family. And Banjarey makes it easy to capture and share an entire trip experience from every member's perspective. Everybody collaborates with "what they did" and "the moments they captured", and we automagically generate a beautiful trip experience for everybody to share or simply relive years later.

Create a trip, add trip members, and let the magic begin !

And yes, it works if you are taking a trip alone as well (though we just think group trips are more fun !)

As of 16th August 2013, our mobile app has been taken off from the app store. The API will continue to serve all the current users till further notice Starting 10th September, the API will stop responding.

To our users - Thanks for believing in our idea and supporting us grow to this level. We cannot stress enough on how fun, rewarding and educating this journey has been. Onward, forward!